'When I met her I think my first line was, 'Hey I'm Darren, I'm Scottish, we're the best lovers in the world!”. And then she laughed and in the first five minutes we were planning our wedding at a Scottish castle and I was going to skydive into the castle and she said, “That’s going to be interesting when you’re wearing your kilt!”

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Happy 26th birthday, Charlie Carver! (July 31st)

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Emilia Clarke speaks at Variety Studio presented by Moroccanoil at Holt Renfrew during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.

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Everything I do is unfabulous. I’m the most normal person. I love walking everywhere and going to hole-in-the-wall places, like nail shops, because they do the best job. And I go to vintage stores rather than high-end boutiques, because I like to dress different from other people.

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The Liars in 5x10 ‘A Dark Ali’.

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Sophie Turner  photographed by Justin Campbell @ San Diego Comic Con

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You. You, I like you. I’m gonna keep you.

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